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Post-Doc, Professorship, or Industry Research.

Education: University of New Mexico

    B.S.E. Computer Engineering (May 2006)
    Ph.D. Nanoscience & Microsystems
       conc. in Nano-Bio Interfaces (Feb 2011)

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Programming Experience:
C, C++, R, shell scripting, MATLAB, Labview, LAMMPS, Java/Swing, Tcl/Tk/Expect, Perl/PhP, Ruby, My/SQL, HTML5, CSS, XML, WebGL, FORTAN, Assembly, VHDL, ActionScript, Lingo, Matlab, Mathematica, BASIC, Labview, Materials Studio, CASTEP, API library design, SVN and GIT repository management

Research Experience:
Discrete Element and Finite Element Modeling, Parallel Simulations of Multiscale Systems, Micro/Nanoscale Characterization Methods, Colloid and Thin-Film Dynamics, Optical Tweezers Force Measurement, Lipid Systems, Statistical Modeling of Protein Systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Feature Detection and Adaptive Meshing, Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly, Advanced Logic, Electronics, and Microprocessor Design, Computer Architecture and Design, Server Administration, Secure Systems, Controls and Process Engineering, Robotics, Diagnostic Systems, FPGA/CPLD's,Graphical User Interface Design, Custom Hardware Interface Design, Digital Signal Processing, Networks, Vacuum/Pressurized Systems, Oscillators, Machining, Welding, High Power Electronics, Plasma Systems, Animation, Web Design, Games Design, Coarse-graining and Semi-empirical Methods, Density Functional Theory, GISAXS simulation, Clustering Analysis, Crystallography, Fractallography

Professional Experience:

May 2016 to present
EnLedger, Corp, CTO & Co-Founder
At EnLedger, a blockchain technology firm focusing on energy and real-estate applications, I lead the team in blockchain technology applications including renewable & decentralized energy applications, pharma & supply-chain pilots, crypto-tokenization, ICO and token-sales platforms, land and property title/registry blockchain systems, and general notary with attached data-storage and heirarchical access layers. Code authorship, project and team management, investor relations, recruiting, marketing, sales, social and traditional media outreach, online articles & tech tutorials.

Nov 2014 to present
Tectractys, LLC, CEO & Founder
At Tectractys, LLC, a technology consulting company based in Denver, CO. I designed and built a fully interactive 3D webGL globe, Tectractys NASDAQ/NYSE Market Globe. I am currently building out SummitBit Charting & Trading Suite, running on Ruby on Rails, React, Node stack. I also work on energy applications in distributed ledger systems, media delivery applications and associated payment layers, and charity auctions.

July 2015 to April 2016
bridge21, CTO & Co-Founder
At bridge21, a bitcoin exchange (now remittance platform) based in Denver, CO, I led the technical team that was accepted into the Techstars Boulder 2016 Accelerator. I rebuilt the Ruby on Rails, React, Backbone, Node stack, adding a secure Bitcore-based Bitcoin web-wallet. I designed and built a high-performance orderbook tracking and price quoting system with Redis support. I brought in new business affiliates and investor relationships, participated in financial tech planning meetings, worked with AML/KYC API systems, and completed financial compliance certification.

Oct 2014 to July 2015
ShapeShift, Senior Software Developer
I was a lead developer at ShapeShift, a cryptocurrency exchange (based in Zug, Switzerland) supporting many exchanges and hundreds of currency pairs. I updated software to account for all transaction and brokerage fees and calculate accurate profit/balance numbers, administered and secured many servers and software daemons. I led integration with the Ripple payment platform, and managed github repositories and taught a team of programmers to get them on a stable release cycle. I wrote secure API for integration with market afilliates, allowing them to process orders via our exchange, and I wrote statistical analysis tools to safely stabilize customer quoted rates.

Jan 2014 to Oct 2014
Monetas, Software Developer
At Monetas, a secure banking and financial technology platform based in Zug Switzerland, I developed and debugged the core of Open Transactions, an encrypted triple-entry ledger platform. I converted 60,000 lines of Chaiscript to C++11, ensuring all balance / decimal accuracy during the update. I helped write documents defining a “voting pools” consensus mechanism for a bitcoin “sidechain” mechanism, and I participated in service-based architecture design, learning professional git usage under an AGILE / SCRUM team.

April 2012 to November 2013
RPI Scientific Computation Research Center, Research Associate
At SCOREC, I supported end-users of the Parallel Unstructured Mesh Infrastructure, specifically the MeshAdapt parallel mesh adaptation tool, Flexible Mesh Database, and Simmetrix Meshing Tools. I maintained several SVN repositories, responded to customer software tickets, and wrote new complimentary meshing tools. I worked with Simmetrix Inc. and NASA to enable CFD shock feature detection, boundary layering, and solve loops in aerospace simulations using the FUN3D solve engine. I wrote a finite-element mesh and geometric model transfer library to enable parallel in-memory solve/adapt loops for the Sandia Labs Trilinos Users Group, including the AthenaVMS and Albany teams.

June 2009 to Oct 2011,
UNM Advanced Materials Laboratory, Research Assistant
(Graduate Lab Rotation #3) I implemented the classical Flory-Huggins polymer/solvent interaction potentials into LAMMPS. I ran discrete-element simulations of "soft-particle" colloid systems including polymer, electrohydrodynamic, and phase-interface forces. I presented this work at industry conferences and to the National Labs Colloid Consortium. I succesfully simulated every stage of evaporation-induced self-assembly and thin-film deformation by E-beam iradiation for a system of gold nanoparticles coated with dodecanethiol in a toluene / PMMA solventy. I updated LAMMPS-user peripheral capabilities, including developing a tool to generate grazing-incidence small-angle x-ray spectroscopy (GISAXS) intensity plots in-silico, and a tool to statistically quantify clustering vs. randomness in 3D distributions of particles. I finished up with a short post-doc to implement polydisperse system simulations and write documentation and a tutorial.

June 2007 to June 2009
UNM Advanced Materials Laboratory, Research Assistant
(Graduate Lab Rotation #2) Lab technician in the Laser Tweezers Optical Trapping lab at Sandia National Laboratories, in the Micro-Rheology Research Group. My research task was to characterize force interactions between micro-particles and live cells for drug-delivery applications. I performed electrochemistry and biochemistry sample preparations at the Advanced Materials Laboratory and took the samples to Sandia for characterization with the laser tweezers. I wrote software and hardware drivers to control the laser lab microscope stage driver, high-resolution camera, laser, and acousto-optic deflector from an integrated computer station. I wrote statistical analysis code to infer force interactions from video files of trapped-particle interactions.

August 2006 to June 2007
UNM Center for High Technology Materials, Research Assistant
(Graduate Lab Rotation #1) Crystallographic analysis of semiconductor nano-pillars and nano-pyramids formed via plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, atomic modeling of lattices and surface reconstructions, advanced crystal formalism and theory. I'm also extending this research to match my own theory on evolution in crystal surface energies to first-principles calculations using density functional theory.

Aug 2004 to July 2012
UNM Spatio-Temporal Cell Pathology Group, Software Engineer
(Undergrad Research, Cont'd in Grad School) I wrote and maintain a Tcl/Tk graphical user interface for spatial statistical calculations in R, which quantifies spatial clustering, co-clustering, and randomness in point patterns. This tool was used to characterise protein pathways via analysis of ultra-high-resolution optical images of gold nanoparticles attached to surface proteins on lysed cancer cell membranes. I ported this software from Linux to Windows and released several versions and many revisions to support lab scientists from all over the world. During my last lab rotation with Sandia National Labs and the Advanced Materials Lab at UNM, I extended this tool to accept 3D data and wrote a library API into the Large-Scale Atomic/Molecular Massively-Parallel Simulator (LAMMPS) for clustering analysis of colloid systems.

June 2005 to January 2006
Intel, Product Engineer (Intern), Handheld Sort Dept.
(Undergrad Senior-year Internship) Operation and programming of die-level microchip testing machines.
Fundamentals of industrial computer microchip testing and failure analysis.
Industrial manufacturing statistical analysis and graphical modelling.
Yield analysis, material dispositioning, tools programming, tech documentation.

2004-2006, Undergrad Design Projects
UNM Electrical & Computer Engineering College, Hardware Engineer
(Undergrad Research) In my junior year I designed and constructed a hardware/software system to detect and diagnose component errors on a small robot. My hobby was building high-voltage circuits such as Tesla coils and plasma-globe drivers. In my senior year I designed and constructed an FPGA-based automatic chess annotation machine, complete with magnetic chess board, LCD screen, serial communications system, mini-printer, and Java Swing graphical user interface. I was also the ECE department webmaster in 2004/2005.

Mar 2003 to Dec 2004,
UNM Plasma Fusion Research Laboratory, Reseach Assistant
(Undergrad Research Assistant) My main assignment at the fusion lab was to construct the main (IGBT-based) pulsed power unit to supply 1 kA current pulses for the plasma chamber, and an accompanying 1 F capacitor bank. I also participated in purchasing, building cooling, cabling, & chamber hardware, and programming a PIC microcontroller system.


AMC/NIH 2006 Integrated Graduate Education and Research Traineeship
(IGERT) Graduate Fellowship
I was awarded aid by the American Cancer Center and the National Institute of Health to advance research and understanding in the natural sciences with a focus on nanoscience. As part of this fellowship I participated in community outreach in the forms of student tutoring and science demonstrations at local grade-schools, and attended seminars and three research rotations.


I grew up in Albuquerque, NM. I did high school speech & debate and I was an elite gymnast through college. My hobbies include orchid cultivation, stained-glass, high-power electronics, and animation design. I am highly motivated and was regularly designated team leader in college team projects.

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